Scanner qr not working


Hi I keep trying to scan a friend wallet but no luck with client Waves any on have this issue?

Thanks Eric


scanning from smarphone to smartphone?

i had never the problem maybe you have an issue with your smartphones camera or software,

or the screen of your friends smartphone is dirty


Thanks for your support, I don’t have that problem with ather wallets.
Weard, ma y cas I’m using the client and not the app.

Thanks Eric


There are lots of issues regarding with scanner. Your problem is not so clear to me. If you need the proper solution you may visit Canon Tech Support. there are lots of useful ideas.


Funny, can’t believe you took the time to come up with that.


hahaha! that’s cool i alsp want to know actually Am facing the same problem. Hope anyone here can help me too. Thanks in advance.
miles smith


Hi Waves, I was trying to say the same thing but after I get the Canon works fine 12 Mega pixels.
The best qr you can get… Thanks to Canon…


I think it’s an issue , I was also facing some issue like connectivity issue QR not working issue and many more thing after that I simply take the help of Netgear Support to solve this, and my all issue is fixed properly, if your problem isn’t fixed till now you can visit the site and know the proper ways to solve this issue.