ScudoNode Active


I created the ScudoNode following the ikardanov youtube video guide.
The node is visible
315 ScudoNode US DO-13 DigitalOcean, LLC 0.13.4 open - - -

The node should be active, but the ubuntu terminal remained at: - Logs begin at Sun 2018-09-16 13:58:06 UTC. -
The terminal does not go beyond this line.
In addition to this I have to do everything with a command line or can I perform operations directly from the client wallet connected to the node?
I’m not looking for waves to extract, I want to be able to find waves alone.

I’m just looking for some help to understand better, this is my first knot and my first attempt, it seems to have succeeded.


Now it is no longer visible


I correct myself is always active, but it is probably down by number to update page. Now it is in place 271.

Can someone tell me about the previous requests?