So I am not the only one,


So I am not the only one who received those 5 “Goldmine” coins and cannot sell them 'cause you need a minimum of 10?
If you not needed in them and before you burn them, I would take those.


If not, you can also post your coin adress under this post, I think there enough people out there who don’t need that scam.

Please stay kind, just poor student things. ^^


I would also like some to make up


You’re lucky cause you can’t buy more to sell. Because I did buy more and it force you to sell at 1.00000001 Waves or up and the open buy order is 0.99999999 Waves (For some unknown reason the issuer didn’t lock the buying price but lock the sell price) and the issuer sell thier token at exactly 1 Waves which any people who want to sell it and have some waves would buy it and BAM! Scammed


Wait. You can? When did you sell it?


so there is no way to sell then ?


Don’t really know. Also I can’t find any informations about “Goldmine”.


So the question is - can you sell or not, because in one of the topics it was said that this is the scam coin


You can open an order but no one gonna buy it since the creator sell it at lower price than all of us can sell also you can’t sell it to an open buy order cause the order price should be 1.00000001 waves per 1 token


the best option is to burn then?or can the issuer change whats going on now?


He/She can. But is he/she going to? I think not!


So did you manage to sell it, or is this project a scam?


We can’t sell it because the creator just keep on refilling his/her order. So it’s total SCAM!!


i bought 5 and found out the hard way, that you can’t sell them at .999999 and the are lot’s of sell orders so now i’m locked in for ever.

you can sell them above 1.


that coin is a Scammed, so far no Smart Asset is legit


invest in my token more chance of getting your cash back and mine, because i’ve got planned tokens that i like one that already pays a residual. ticker WTIP


This project seems to be a scam as I see from the feedbacks.