Spam assets with a URL (http://...) in the name


Hi everyone!
We have had a lot of messages about spam assets with a URL (http://…) in the name. We will fix this in the next release. All such assets will be hidden by default -
This is only an initial solution. We are working on the best way to address all kinds of spam.

My token was eliminated

Awesome news! Very helpful feature and much needed :smile:


Dont forget to block https:// also :stuck_out_tongue:


This one is easy to circumvent actually since you can just create another asset with same name…


Oh right ok thanks Bram :slight_smile:


Most solution are easy to circumvent, now wavesdesk shared his patterns, they surely will find new ways and patterns if waves will use the same. It will be a “cat and mouse” game.


yes i did wonder about that…will pm such things from now on :sweat_smile: :+1:…actually I’ll delete them now


Then they will just be 1 step slower, don’t worry about it haha. But if I was a scammer and I saw wavesdude posting this, then yeah, easy to react against.

But we need to be happy, if we can remove them, then we won’t be a blockchain afterall.


WavesDesk has launched an API. It is realtime and you can get a list of scam assets.
Just use this list to filter out scam assets.

The API is free to use. Only scam assets are listed. Shit assets or fake assets are not listed.


Also saw the first www. Scams, maybe you can include this in the filters too


Thank you.

And thanks again.


Maybe we can put up a server with a REST service and a blacklist of URLs that is maintained. The explorer or wallet client calls hide the URL by default, and enable it only after callint the REST service and if the result is OK

EDIT: Sorry i saw now that wavesdesk did already this.


Why system lets an issuer to create a token with name that starts as http or www?


Why don’t we vote on increasing the fee for an asset creation from 1 WAVES to 10 WAVES?
I believe this would decrease spam assets a bit, I think that any legit project can afford to spend 30/50€ at (today’s rate) to create a token.


Yep, we are thinking about it. Maybe the voting will be in June.


Amazing, that would do it imho!


Why do we need voting?
We just need the nodes to make an agreement?
Also it might be nice when asset create fees go up to 10 waves the fees are split between 4-5 nodes, this meaning each node earns 2 waves and then it’s more equallu spread


I don’t think increasing prices is good action against spam. If you think, google mail doesn’t make sending emails expensive to prevent spam. They just filter it out from client’s inbox automatically. If we make it easy enough to filter out spam tokens by some trusted party or community it would be good solution.


This, token name should not contain a name.


i think we need to do both, since google is centralized they can do more to block spam than decentralized system can. if it is more expensive to build systems to block spam than it is for spammers to create new tokens then we will always be one step behind.