Spam assets with a URL (http://...) in the name


since the cost of sending is the same as sending an email, but getting a custom email domain is not free, we should not say creating a new token is the same as sensing a email. we can keep tx fees cost low, but asset creation is too low.a million spam tokens does not benifit the ecosystem. yes we can still be cheeper than neo and eth, but not so cheep as to flood the market with scam tokens


Uhm I think that the good thing about this platform is that every one can create their own currency and increasing prices could just kill good ideas and potential projects that are lacking funds.
This because spammers probably have the funds to create as many assets as they wants, having them always a return. That is my opinion. :pensive:

Filters are a good idea but the most important thing, imho, is to teach users how to use the platform and maybe add warning messages directly on the DEX.

How much shoud asset creation cost?

where can we report new scam assets not picked up by the filters?

such as : wnet(dot)ga


You can send a pull request and add them to the spam list


Some assets are reported more times in the list. I suggest to use search to remove double reports.


And some are reported which arent scams which creates invoncience for fair projects…


This would be a big problem…

Is there anyone who checks the validity of the reports? :thinking:


if you create an asset and you see it goes to spam you can just contact support. But i support the idea of rather safe than sorry.


This is the only way to slow down spammer,


Why not filter spam since the coin was created that the name cannot be used?
My Token became spam after distributing it for several days. It made me slow down projects