Spam filter

Hi, guys!
We have compiled all the scam tokens you reported and used them in our spam filter.
If you find new scam tokens, you can make a pull request to GitHub and add them to the list.
You can also use your own list, or switch off any spam filters. You can find these options in the Wallet settings.


It would be cool if it also filtered out the transactions of the spamtokens on the transaction page. Nice work!

yep, will be

This is great. Good job. What is the criteria to be classified as a spam/scam token? I want to be sure mine don’t get blocked.

You agree that:
i) You will not use the token for fraudulent purposes.
ii) You will not duplicate, fully or in part, the name of an existing cryptocurrency or a well-known company with the aim of misleading users.
iii) You will not use names of states, other administrative units or municipal institutions for the token’s name with the aim misleading users.

Failure to observe these points will lead to your token being classified as spam, and will be available to search only by ID.


Filter works well. :+1:

I noticed that there are some useful features in the desktop client that online has not and vice versa.

I hope that in the future you will extend their peculiarities to each other. :relaxed:

Desktop and Online clients are the same. What do you mean? )

It seems that with the new update things changed a bit.

In the Desktop version it was allowed to pin (but not to unpin?) tokens in the asset. :disappointed:

Desktop version still remember preferred pairs on the DEX and the online one doesn’t.

I do not mean to say it’s a big problem, but they were/are very useful features in my opinion. :relaxed:

However, you did a good job :+1:

This spam token has a USD value attached to it. But I can’t access it on the Dex to get the money out. I would love to be able to trade out the USD value and then burn the token when that become available.

I think it might only have USD value because the creator bought it off himself once in order to make it look valueable.

Note: thegreatcoin is not a scam :-). You can browse or Google it

Yep, you’re right. We will implement a more smart algorithm for USD rates calculation.

I’m identifying scam tokens for WAVESNotify notifications analyzing the source code of the links inside the token name/description, so far, it works, and more importantly, no false positives.

Great, you can send a pull request and add them to the spam list

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Thanks, dude :+1:

I would generally turn off the notifications if my account receives any spam tokens. I think also it will be better to add a button where a user can configure this function (I want to receive any tokens - Yes / No). Yes by default :vulcan_salute:

I turned off notifications when it comes to token already in wavesdesk’s database, for new tokens I’m detecting them as scam and avoiding further notifications, for the ones that I miss I’ll add it manually on my database and flag the notification as suspected scam/phishing, so far it works, also, scam token creation has lowered a lot lately, looks like countermeasures worked!!


Spam links still show in mobile app. I am on android using latest wallet.

The filter works for the new beta wallet, not on the mobile one yet, there should be a mobile wallet update that will take care of this, no ETA tho

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I think we will add the spam filter on the mobile one this week


How do I report that my token is not spam? I sent and it was marked as spam but I burned all and issued again with the same name and it was also marked as spam, I have a website and I want to do a serious project! will be a TV platform, my site is my token would be Videcoin or VideTV but it is always marked as spam! Where do I ask to solve this? I declare that all tokens was the one I issued but it is marked as spam. How will I do my crowndfounding project? I’m spending a lot of waves. Please I need help