Spam filter


i think you need to create another name, not creating the same same as it will result to spam.


Hello … Good night! I already solved my problem, I created a token with a new name! I wish to ask someone to spam the token VideTV asset id: Bfkga2StQVz7e66zWVfaL5dYbwATqTMiX5iS1Qac3kLC
My new token is Vide.

I want to ask someone to do this because I do not have access to github.
Can someone help me?

this is scam: Bfkga2StQVz7e66zWVfaL5dYbwATqTMiX5iS1Qac3kLC


Hello, then what remains is to create another currency with a name that does not induce the fiat names of the state. How can I report that my token is not spam? Greetings


Don’t send it to other people randomly!


what happen with spam transaction that all lost?


i lost this?
screenshot -

trx id - EaPSf6p5xVFr4kA8iegnWVS8Byn5c5AzmsnsMuH67Ebr


@tatiana I prefer to add tokens manually to avoid from spams. I want to see only default tokens txs in my wallet. Eg. wbtc, weuro , wusd, wtry, dash , ltc … Not an attachment with spam I want to disclose it until adding it manually to my portfolio. Like myetherwallet. This is the only way for now, to avoid from spams. without any centralized decision people can select which token should be on their portfolio. Also that should be on wavesexplorer. If someone want to see x token balance in their wallet he/she should add it manually.


who says spam is a new token. It was created Paywaves and it was not like SPAM and after a while it was deliberately put as SPAM by someone else?