Sponsored Transactions Misunderstanding and Feature request

You have to consider that not you are running the blockchain but the nodes are and they have to be compensated for their work. 0.001 Waves is already cheap enough for a transaction.

Most tokens dont have monetary value and the trading volume is low and the token/Waves price may change dramatically. There are obviously different cases, but my in particular is loyalty points. I don’t want people to think about how blockchain works, or why they need Waves for tx fees. Thats why it should be by default - sponsored token transacts without Waves, and only this sponsored token.
There shouldnt even be the dropdown menu with all the sponsored token options. Maybe an extra option to pay in Waves.

With your approach, blockchain will never be adopted by masses.

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Has this changed with smart assets?

Yes, this feature is very useful for the users. I think it would be great, if this tab will be added.

If in your use case users shouldn’t have options/ are in a closed ecosystem, I advise you to create customized app.

What kind of customized app are you talking about?

Imagine the Waves products as a toolbox, in which you can find everything you need- for you as a professional with an advanced knowledge this might be great because you have all the options available. On the other hand, a non-tech savvy user might be overwhelmed.
If you think your application will be used by non-tech savvy users it might be good to get rid of all the options and just create an app targeted at these users.

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Interesting Topic. This is my own take on this in relation to your reply. The CEO of waves is an unselfish man and that is really showing in his dealing with other assets on his platform. He recorgnizes all the assets that enable sponsored transaction as authentic as his own Waves. Please let us learn great lesson from this man. And i will advise any asset creators who don’t like this unselfish way of life of Sasha to go and create their own app where they will be allowed to selfishly sponsor their own transaction alone. We should not try to polute this high visionary and selfless man.