StakesX . The most straight forward staking token available on the waves platform

Attention - A bomb project with a crane, an analogue of Torcorp and coins with paramining.
Important - the project was launched on 01/23/2020 and here is the news - the Token is already being traded on 2 exchanges
In the project, I’m from the start - Daily charge 2.3% on the amount in the wallet.
The issue of 250,000,000 percent will decrease as the token is mined.
Manage to enter at the start
What do we do. Follow the link :
Register (Email and password)

We go into your personal account and go to the Faucet tab - collect 1 coin every hour and get a percentage 1 time per day


I just get a message saying hat I am a bot or try again, which I did for the same result

you may be using different ip addresses. I had that. wait a bit and try again. also check your password and username