Suggestion to change your Identification service provider


A short version of a long story is this:

After a several tries to get past of the form page (resulted in error 412 no matter what i tried) by a small miracle today I finally penetrated and successfully got a contact with a service person who was supposed to verify me.
The person was speaking English way worse than one would expect from such job.
Somehow we managed to understand each other enough so the person took my photo and then asked for my passport… I said that I have an ID card ready, but apparently does not accept my country ID card as an identification document.
Here’s my two questions?

  1. Why an identification service provider who calls itself to be modern and up to date, accepts a 15 year old standard passport, but does not accept a highly secure and modern ID card?

On the side note. Pretty much no one in our country uses passport anymore. Everyone uses ID card, because its convenient, secure and you can do lots of stuff with it (banking, shopping, payments, clients services, document signing, all taxes and country related services etc…)

  1. Why waves platform and Coinomat use such Mesolithic service provider who’s services are full of bugs and issues and not up to today’s standards? Surely there are better options out there.