Surfsup (with affiliate program)

Pool name:
surfsup (with affiliate program)

Address for leasing:
alias: surfsup

Payment policy:
Weekly payments
90% of rewards
5% of reward of your referred users

Pool Representatives:

Telegram group:

Feature voting policy:
Leasers decide how to vote

Affiliate program:
You can get 5% of reward of your referred users.
To participate in the affiliate program, you must get a personal node alias (it looks like surfsup@ref123).
Write @bodrych to get the personal node alias.
How it works? Here you can see all active leases. As you can see the recipient field contains an alias (e.g. "recipient": "alias:W:surfsup@ref0"). So it’s taken into account when calculating payments.

Please not that the generating balance will be updated after 1000 blocks.