Surge/Waves trading


I received a bunch of Surge tokens & would like to exchange some of them for Wave tokens. I entered the transaction and it appeared to go OK, but so far it hasn’t shown up in my Waves client. Is the exchange a valid one? Will it eventually show up?


Does the coin come back to your wallet? The transaction should expire in less than 100 minute. If you check your transaction after that it will disappear and you have to put it up again until someone buy it. DEX is not like other exchange because it’s decentralized, which mean you can exchange your coin unless someone willing to buy it from you.


Thank you for that explanation. My Surge did not disappear, so I guess that means nobody is buying them at the moment. Is there anyplace I can look to find out if there is any trading activity with Surge?


In trade history section on PC & Browers or Last trade section on mobile when you select surge/waves



Thanks again. I don’t see any Trade History for my Surge, so apparently it isn’t happening.


Does the screen shot show that you actually made Surge/WAVES trades as it appears? Was that recently; maybe I should keep trying.


that’s just the trade volume of Surge. not very close to the 23K sell wall for waves. i mean the sell wall is clearly to high for free trading, the only way they can get the waves out is by removing such a big sell wall and thinning out all the market, but nobody wants to do that. that’s why they need each line to have a limit in sell + buy orders if they are going to scale like that, like 10 waves each line for buy and sells.


they should have a system of filled order lines, so when the order is filled on a line, then they must put one above or below the order, each line fills up, you’d get a fair market price and a better way to trade a token who’s value continues to go up.


I have received a lot of surge fm waves but this is completely for nothing!! Why the waves give me



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I had some investigation about Surge. :sunglasses: Details: