Sweepstake Game - Win 1 WavesGames (Finished)


Hello community Waves :blush:
Today is a special day. :rocket:
The game started :rocket:
We are making a raffle where the prize will be 1 WavesGames. :slot_machine:
Cost of 1 WavesGames :large_orange_diamond:: 2.1 Waves :large_blue_diamond:($ 4.83)

Requirements to participate:

The winner will be chosen at random.:slot_machine:
End: 16/05/2019 :calendar:
Time: 7:00 PM (Colombian time). :clock530:
The Winner will be announced in easypromo
and in our telegram group: https://t.me/WavesGamesWG


Congratulations. Miguel Ramirez :sparkles::speak_no_evil:
Winner of the draw. :slot_machine: :rocket: :large_orange_diamond:

Prize: 1 WavesGames :large_orange_diamond:

Enjoy your prize. :slight_smile: :large_orange_diamond: