technology battle Waves vs TERA smart money


Hello! everybody! I represent the team of decentralized blockchain TERA smart money
TERA smart money is a decentralized blockchain with high network bandwidth + smart contracts + Dapps + private blockchains for the banking sector and corporations with the ability to merge into one global network + stable coins.

On October 25, we launched smart contracts and Dapps in the working network of TERA smart money. Dapps look like HTML pages with access through the TERA wallet interface

short wallet review

We have an offer for the Waves development team.
If you think that Waves is an original and worthy of attention of both investors and the community project. Let’s do the blockchains battle. On the one hand there will be Waves on the other side TERA smart money.
And comparing the characteristics arrange disskusiyu in a separate chat.
If you like this idea and there is no fear of new projects, please reply to Telegram @GizmoJa.
We will discuss in more detail.
So how exactly is the championship revealed. To declare from scratch that some kind of lutchy project is a lot of scammers.


That’s the first time I’ve heard about this project :smiley:


It is good that you heard! The project is developing rapidly. This confirms that a strong promising blockchain can be built without an ICO and attracting investment!

On github uploaded a new version 0.704 that has a public API: