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TGC TheGreatCoin is the Crypto project designed to have Underlying assets backed by Companies and real Estates or tangible assets though tokenisation. It is designed to tokenise Companies and real estates all over the world. It has tokenised more than 50 Companies and 50 unit of properties. Total value has been tokenised is IDR 9,728.644695 billions as of 25 January 2019 ($697 millions, IDR/USD: 13,951).

The tokenisation price now is IDR 800 or 0.02133333 waves (1 waves=IDR 37,500) and will always be gradually increased over time.

Projection of book value (PBV) is IDR 36 or 0.00096 waves, using formula PBV= tokenisation value/circulating TGC or IDR 9,728.644695 billions/268899239740. Please see here to see the circulating TGC:

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White paper in bahasa:

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@thegreatcoinindonesia for Indonesian
@thegreatcoinenglish for global Community

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Mamat Rohimat

Founder & CEO

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TheGreatCoin is assets backed crypto asset. It will be backed by other crypto, cash, companies, properties or even gold. It has underlying assets. It has intrinsic value. It is designed to be the decentralised global store value.

Total Supply
There is 1,000,000,000,000.000 TGC TheGreatCoin which is allocated as follows:
25% : Management Reserves [Founder, Operational, Community]
75%. : Underlying assets
Source :

Management Fee:
25% of TGC can be treated as management fee.

Underlyng Assets:
75% of TGC will be exchanged with any assets to be underlying assets of TGC. The assets will be kept by PT Token Global Cemerlang, an Indonesian Entity. There is 2000 authorized shares of PT Token Global Cemerlang.

Conversion Ratio:
For every 500,000,000 TGC can be exchanged with 1 share of PT Token Global Cemerlang. We have burnt 200 billions TGC from Management Reserves to be exchanged with 400 shares of PT Token Global Cemerlang.

White Paper:

PT Token Global Cemerlang:



Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Telegram: @thegreatcoin
Telegram Group:



Mamat Rohimat