The "Money Energy" Community is a financially aware social network


We create a decentralized business engine on the basis of the Money Energy financial social network.

Blockchain voting determines our development within a stated general strategy. The initial strategy consists in the investment of the Community assets into several directions. Each ME token holder can change the development strategies by means of voting. ME holders also profit from value increase of tokens during the evolution of the project.

Each holder of a token has the corresponding share of the Money Energy Community, of all its resources and property and also gains income of the Community divided into the size of his share.

What is ME?

ME = Money Energy - is a digital asset created on the WAVES Blockchain platform. It is issued in an amount of 1000000 due to the final issue. (Now we are burning non-distributed tokens).

Find the Money Energy token on the DEX exchange and buy or sell ME at an exchange rate.

Token ID: 6XJAscmejGPTLAdKsg12MynB5rNQzNiZz8Yj81SWeFrj

The voting right in the Community is equal to the number of tokens. All elections of moderators, managing directors, votes for projects, approvals of the development paths, etc. take place using the Blockchain technology and by means of ME tokens.

Payment for content, internal services of the Community and organization of other activities are provided with the help of ME tokens.

You can even earn Money Energy tokens just for referring visitors to the Community by using your personal link like

Everyone can withdraw ME tokens from the website to their WAVES wallet or deposit ME tokens to their personal website wallet.

Compete in the game “Hamster on a rocket”. Prizes: Sponsored asset Money Energy + Alogic!


GL\HF …:солнцезащитные очки:


Bonus game!

To participate you need to join groups




And win at “Trample the Bottom.” Payments in partner tokens for 1 - 10 places:

1 - 200 ME + 200 BoxiNode + 25 FRG
2 - 100 ME + 100 BoxiNode + 15 FRG
3 - 50 ME + 50 BoxiNode + 10 FRG
4 - 25 ME + 25 BoxiNode + 5 FRG
5-10 - 10 ME + 10 BoxiNode + 2 FRG

A game:

The results will be at 00:00 - 08.29.2019:


List your project with us, we have two ways of listing by voting or payment. contact us [email protected] or visit us at