The new Waves.Exchange is broken

Hi there,

After migrating to new Waves.Exchange, this cause a lot of problems.
The most important one, is the fact that after launching, it freezes my PC and disconnects my peripherials for a few seconds( continuous loop), I/O errors in Windows language - that annoying sound when you disconnect an usb. I never had this problem on old dex. Not even once.
The second problem, is that the currency volume is displayed incorrectly. If i have 0.5 waves in my balance, it shows “45000” .
Due to this problems, took me 5 minutes to place a sell.
I don’t even bother to scroll through balances, it will take me a day to see all.
Please fix this asap.
Thank you.

Hello. Can you please provide more information about your system? And provide some screenshots of problems. This will help us to understand the reason of the problem. Thanks in advance.
Best regards, Waves Community Manager.