TK Waves Node - TKWN Airdrop


We are pleased to introduce the first Waves node that integrates a humanitarian dimension: TK Waves Node


Payment policy:

We redistribute 90% of Waves and MRTs, as well as 2,500,000 TKWN (our token) each week to our lessors.

We offer 2% of the winnings of the node to a charitable association. For this first year, we chose ‘Mercy Ships’.


Other Details:

We participate in the contest organized by Waves Platform. This contest has the following prizes:

400,000 Waves
600,000 Waves
1,000,000 Waves

Wave nodes that have attracted the most Waves and lessors will win one of these awards for the first 3.

If we win a prize, we will distribute 10% of the lot (ie 40000, 60000 or 100000 Waves) for those who have rented their Waves on our node before September 18th. The remaining Waves will be rented at our node and the gains will be distributed weekly.

First Airdrop (End September 30th)

Win 1000 TKWN

Then go to our Telegram ( and send a private message to admin with:

Your Waves address
Links of your 2 shares
Links of your 2 retweets

Second Airdrop (End September 17th)


Lease your Waves to our node before September 18th and you receive 1 TKWN for 1 Waves leased (Distribution September 20th).


Good project. I like the humanitarian dimension.

Thanks for your support.

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:small_blue_diamond: FIRST AIRDROP :small_blue_diamond:

We are happy to announce that 1000 TKWN have been transferred to the wallets that participated in this first airdrop.

This airdrop is valid until September 30th. You still have time to receive 1000 TKWN

This is a Bigest Airdrop