To add to the RUB exchange

I see. Well, do you use payoneer? I wonder if it is convenient, and what is the difference with Paypal

What partnerships do you mean? Sorry, missed the point.

I don’t like the payoneer’s policy and support, don’t know about Paypal.

I use a lot of different payment systems, all have their pros and cons. But I only use these because my clients use them and want to pay through them. I would not use them for personal use. Large commissions, under USA control, not what a free man needs.

What is wrong with their policy?

I see. And is it expensive to pull money from payoneer account?

They can’t send you a card unless someone puts 25$ on to your account etc and seems like you can’t do that personally, only your employer. I don’t know exactly, I went nuts when dealing with it so I quit.

So the solution could be found in some stable coin payment system

If it’s their card then it’s free, if this is a card of a different bank then yes, they take a good percentage has BTC/RUB pair.

Oh nice! Waives and rub as well

So, payoneer is only for business payments? Not like Paypal?

I don’t know exactly but perhaps a physical person can get money directly as well

Is it a centralized exchange?

Thank you for sharing!

But what are you gonna do with RUB if you don’t live in Russia?)

you write nonsense. I registered myself personally. I paid for the card and got it. if you register for an affiliate link, there you will be compensated by the system cost of $ 25, when you have sufficient momentum and just 25 will get the person who attracted you. there are no attachments and obligations.

payoneer works with any payments, including private ones

for those who do not live in Russia, you can play on the difference rates, you can pay for advertising or programming services (to order them in Russia is much cheaper than in Europe or the United States). I do not live in Russia but I need rubles periodically. In addition, I provide services for Russian citizens, if the payment is accepted in vaves tokens, without working with rubles, we lose a large enough marke

And if you don’t get your card and it’s expired, you will have to wait for someone to top up your account so that you could order a card again. Moreover, the reply from the support took almost 2 weeks, so you have no right to blame me for writing nonsense. Glad you didn’t come across such a situation.