Token gateway


hello, is there a way to create a gateway to receive payments on sites directly of a specific token waves?


Hi yes there are a couple of ways…This is the most recent I believe…Any Waves token can be added but I’m not sure of the exact process though sorry


The last paragraph is the most relevant :slight_smile:

In fact, in order to add CoffeeCoin, Edward had to first had to make the entire Waves
blockchain platform work with his plugin – which was no small feat. CoffeeCoin’s successful
integration also means that MyCryptoCheckout can now offer integration of any liquid Waves
token into their plugin – adding value to both the CoffeeCoin and the entire Waves’ project!


Thanks for your answer. Today I will try and see what comes out of it!


Welcome :slight_smile: let me know how it goes


I tried with the method used by coffeecoin but it is quite expensive for now, at least until the price of TNRCASH does not go up a bit and anyway I think I understand that it works on sites based wordpress.


That’s unfortunate :frowning: …how much are they charging may I ask?


They ask for $564 a year :sweat_smile:


Thanks for getting back to me :slight_smile: …Oh I see well I guess that’s not too bad if you’re going to increase sales by a significant %…But yes maybe a bit much initially for a small start-up :frowning:


Yes, also because we did not start with an ico so we will take action as soon as possible since it is the best way to grow.