Token Luxtrade Oficial Exchange

The airdrop for 500,000 customers will start today 23/09/2019 and will last 120 days, each customer will receive 1 token to know and trade as they prefer on the or waves dex platform at Criteria for receiving the token: Simply sign up for our platform and then complete our airdrop form at the link: Once verified, the registration will receive the air launch to your account. keep in mind that our token is intelligent asset tracking and has limitations on its programming. For example, it raises the price by 0.1 waves every day and has orders lasting 1 day on either exchange. run and get yours, as this price is exclusive to registered customers. don’t post wallet or email here, thanks

Project data:
ID: 34oUTgXAqoLCKX5hq3xhPvK6gdMH4mCCDQKyTk9939h4
Name: Luxtrade
Total amount: 9,999,997
Decimal points: 8
Type: Not Reissuable
Set: Script
Issue date: 18.08.2019 18:48

The official exchange token order duration in 24 hours, starting price 0.5 waves and daily rise of 0.1 Waves.


don’t post wallet or email here, thanks

Airdrop terminated. thank you for all who participated


1 coin? 0.1 waves? do you call it airdrop? funny)))))))))))

what’s funny in that mate ? 9Apps VidMate apk

our mega airdrop continues at full speed, follows the list of all distribution so far, we will continue towards the 500 thousand users. see the distribution here:

Our airdrop is in full swing, already reaching 20% of the 500 thousand customers. Make sure your wallet has been received, or wait until we will soon reach 500,000.
check here:

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Airdrop Finished, we thank all who participated.