TokenCraft sees the light of day: An open invite to test our fundraising technology

Dear Community,

We were looking forward to this day for so long. Finally, we are ready to show you what we have been working on for the last several months: TokenCraft

TokenCraft is a web-application we have built from scratch in collaboration with etrex GmbH, a software provider based in Switzerland. Essentially, TokenCraft allows a company or project to raise funds in cryptocurrency in exchange for a financial right, represented in the form of a digital token residing on the Waves blockchain.

Utilizing our product, a client retains full control over the fundraising campaign: Compliance, marketing, community building and management, as well as the sales’ structure. Our core service is to cover all technical aspects of the fundraising campaign, including secure hosting, payment processing, user account management and token distribution.

Furthermore, to comply with regulatory standards, we have forged two major partnerships. The first one being KYC Spider (, our provider for the KYC & AML process. We have natively implemented their offering into our product to guarantee a seamless user experience during the sign up and verification process. Secondly, we are in the process of finalizing a contract with a major, licensed custody provider for cryptocurrencies in Switzerland; the custodian is going to act as escrow for the raised funds until the campaign is completed.

Taking all of the above into account, we are able to offer an excellent, flexible fundraising experience to our clients while being well-below the pricing of our competition.

Public Testing

Before we can go into production, we would like to thoroughly test the application with you, our community. Testing consists of two parts: A public testing excluding the identification & verification process as well as a closed testing which is going to include the verification process. More information about the latter is released when the public testing round has concluded.

Test Fundraiser — Structure


Funding Goal:
USD 50’000 ( Note: The cryptocurrencies raised are worthless TestNet tokens, we simply apply the prices of the real currency.)

Bonus Stages
20% in the first 72 hours
2. 10% for the subsequent 72 hours


We have three goals with our public testing: Firstly, to identify and weed out any remaining bugs and glitches, so try to break the application in whatever way you can imagine! Secondly, to get feedback on your user experience, the interface, the expected functionality versus what you are served, literally anything that you consider to have room for improvement.
Lastly, we want you to test the investment functionality (see below for guidance). Do as many transactions as you wish; when we reach the funding goal of USD 50’000, we will also be able to test the token distribution feature.

You can find the current testing environment at

To test the investment functionality, you’ll need TestNet WAVES and BTC. You can request these tokens on the following pages:



You may send funds directly from the faucet to your personal deposit address or use your personal TestNet address as intermediary.

To send us feedback concerning the user interface & experience or a suggestion/idea for improvement , please use this form

In case you have encountered a bug or glitch , please use this form

Please find below some additional information to make testing as convenient as possible for you:

  • Please create your own Waves payout address as we want to test token distribution. To do so, visit
  • To complete the User Profile, you have to enter a Bitcoin and Waves TestNet address for refunds. For convenience, feel free to reuse addresses generated by us.
    Waves : 3Mw4p7Eq9AkipzKDiVFPBE5H83539e9dxMu
    Bitcoin : 2N1W3rdZxEL79Lz7im9rqgDWdgVsY41zg1u
  • Alternatively, you may create a Waves TestNet address at and a Bitcoin TestNet address at
  • The personal information requested in the User Profile does not have to be accurate.
  • KYC/AML process is deactivated; simply click on “Increase KYC Verification level”, we will be notified and approve you as soon as possible.
  • The test fundraiser is capped at USD 50’000. When this amount is reached, investment functionality should be deactivated. If we feel we need more testing, we will reset and start with a new instance. The goal is to hit the cap at least once so we can test the token distribution feature.
  • The investment timeline in the stats page(currently not available) will not be part of the first version. Please ignore it.
  • Please note that the messaging, be it in the UI, mails, or the FAQ, has not yet been polished.

We are excited to read your feedback and suggestions. Thanks a bunch to anyone contributing their time to testing, we appreciate you!

If you’d like to discuss your findings and/or feedback with us in real-time, please join TokenCraft’s Telegram group:

Take care,

Kim & Cyrille