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If you’re in LA April 26th, Tokes will be sponsoring monthly events where participants pay for things with TKS!

It’s a fully immersive monthly event combining hip hop, culture, VR, LED technology, interactive live art, cryptocurrency and cannabis.

The event is hosted in one of the most coveted venues in LA- housing over 20 LED G-Cubes- all curated with custom branded logos and content - for an immersive LED screen experience unlike anything this industry has seen before.

Every guest will receive free CryptoCurrency tokens and wallet to use at our Crypto Market, for VIP perks- powered by @tokesplatform - as well as Crypto Food Cafe’s and beverage stations.

A new Tokes video review by Crypto Tone. Take a look at this in depth review of the platform.

Co-founder Michael Wagner sits down with Satoshi Sean in his latest interview video.

The Q1 2019 Transparency report is out and available to read on the Tokes blog:

The 4/20 Tokes Newsletter is out!

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Due to the overwhelming popularity of the HIGH TECH event it’s now a 2-part series. Part one is tomorrow in CA and part two is May 23rd in LA. Find out more info and register below.

Part one:

Part two:

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LAWeekly wrote an article about our first event last week in Los Angeles!

The May newsletter is out and in it the team discusses the next High Tech event in L.A., Nevada legislative efforts, supply chain progress, and ecommerce integrations!

Good luck with a project. Read some materials, looks interesting.

Bittrex, community, and the future of Tokes.

Which tokenomics modification to TKS are you most excited for? Share you thoughts with this quick Twitter poll.

Tokes has qualified and been approved by BetterTokens. You will now see a qualified badge next to Tokes within the Waves DEX.

Our partners TheraCann and Applied DNA Sciences were mentioned in this CoinDesk article about storing cannabis DNA on the blockchain!

The Q2 2019 Tokes Platform Transparency Report has been released.

Tokes Platform Newsletter, July 2019 — State Sponsored Tokenization and Prospective Roadmap.

“What we’re creating is an electronic token-based system that will exist within Nevada that will allow cash to become tokens within the system and then those tokens can transmit around between dispensary and production facility, production facility and cultivation, cultivation and, say, a plumber, and then back to the state for redemption as cash,”

The August newsletter is out!

Bittrex has released an article pertaining to the removal of the TKS wallet in the coming weeks. REMOVE YOUR TKS FROM BITTREX! Remember to send them to an address you hold the private key or seed for.

See the article for more details:

The Evolution of Tokes Platform -

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