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The Q3 Transparency Report is out! This will be the last of its kind as Tokes transitions into Multichain Ventures.

That would be really great I think. Cannabis industry is the thing that really needs to be as fast as possible. That is why all new technologies, legalization etc. should be. I am cbd user. And I think it is the best medicine. I am vaping cbd oil tincture And it is the most relaxing and best antidepressant I have ever tried. All medicine suck, guys. All antidepressants from pharmacy were making me vegetable. I was to calm. Cbd is something better

Everything You Need to Know about Multichain’s Service Portfolio

that’s really good insight, thanks for sharing! It’s always nice to hear the positive changes it has on people’s lives. :slight_smile:

Multichain Ventures has recently partnered with Vancouver based cannabis investment firm to roll out the Merchant Gateway to dispensaries across Canada!

Cubed is a leading cryptocurrency payment solution provider that allows merchants to accept digital payments seamlessly.

Everything you need to know about the snapshot, staking rewards and IEO dates.

The Waves Platform community believes in a multi-chain future, a vision that is shared by Multichain Ventures.

Tokes Platform is mentioned in this latest article from Strain Insider! :rocket:

Check out the full article here👇

The Multichain Ventures IEO starts in less than two days! Get registered at the partnered exchanges before it goes live.




Multichain is highlighted on the Waves Platform site as a significant use case for their blockchain:

The MV team hosted an AMA last weekend. Check it out on the official YT channel:

There’s a big announcement coming right around the corner!

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