Trade your own tokens as a pair


I have token1. It trades as token1/waves, token1/BTC, token1/LTC, token1/ETH, …

I have token2. It trades as token2/waves, token2/BTC, token2/LTC, token2/ETH, …

Can I set it up on the Dex to trade as token1/token2?


You will find the pair: token1/token2 OR token2/token1 :wink:


I actually found my answer. On the mobile app>Dex>add market… just use the token1 asset ID in the “amount asset” field and the token2 asset ID in the “price asset” field.


actually you can trade token1 to token to, just type in search area


Hi Redfish. They did not show up when searching for the pair by name. Even when I selected “show unverified assets”. I had to use the Asset ID for both.


I am using this now,
and in search area, i search this following pair!


and others, It shows so you can trade your token against the other token,


Yes sir. I agree. I searched the pair for your redfishcoin and my charitycoin and it shows up. However, it does not show in the Waves mobile app. You need to use the Asset ID for both.