Traders Dashboard


This project is a part of the Developers Grant Program for Waves Tech Ambassadors. Please, ask your questions here. More details about the program you can find in our blog post.

The dashboard for traders should allow you to specify a list of your addresses and get analytics on balances, transactions, orders, and profitability of transactions.

Requirements for projects:

  • Proposed application must utilise Waves blockchain
  • The code must be open source
  • The code must be published on GitHub
  • The project, including all technical details, should be described on or on your personal blog.

Assessment criteria for projects:

  1. Quality of application
  2. UI and UX
  3. Will Waves Community benefit from the project?


This can be implemented in any language right? C#, PHP or JS?

Then, how will you define profitability?


Yes, it can be implemented in any language. It is preferable to make a website with the dashboard (not desktop app).

What do you mean by profitability?


Thanks, i meant this.
What do i use as reference to measure the profitability?



Is this still on?
Is there a timeline?


It is still active, at least till mid-January.


Hi @ikardanov ,
I tried sending you a private message, but i am not sure you got it.

Anyway, is there a final date for this now? I want to know if i should still continue working on it or not.