Transfer data link in QR Code

I am trying to prepare a qr code with a sewn-in link that will automatically fill in the information about the asset, the recipient, the quantity and the description of the transaction. My example link looks like this:

Only what WAVES Wallet can not read is the fields with the description. Is it possible to send the description as a parameter at all? Or maybe it should be in a different format (e.g., base58)?

I tried with base58, changed the name from description to desc and in no case could I create such a link.

Try attachment parameter :slight_smile:

At first thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
It’s a shame for me that I could not find it in the documentation before. :thinking:
New link works great on web version of the wallet, but on mobile I have still same problem.

When I try to Plus -> Send -> click on QR Code icon on Recipient field then all fields on first screen are filled out, but after click Continue I still have blank field for Description.

It looks like it has not been handled in the mobile version of the iOS wallet. Maybe I should use the payment link in a different way?

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