Two Factor Authentication

So don’t use it. There are ppl who want to use it.

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Does anyone know of any way to break a multi-sig account relationship or override it somehow so that 3 out of 5 multi-sig people can approve a transaction and the 2 have no way to say shit about it?

In my opinion, sending code to Gmail is a good option. Because Google Accounts can be considered two-step verified accounts that are protected by sending a one-time password to mobile numbers. And this can lead to a three-step verification. And in my opinion this is beyond security, without the high costs and difficult programming. What we say in our proverbs is a bow and three marks. However, I don’t know much about network security and I’m not sure I have the right perspective, I’m an Iranian, and unfortunately I don’t even have a good command of foreign languages, Although I’m not sure it would be a good option. However I did share the idea, maybe a little useful, and I apologize to you if my idea is not right.

Thank for my good friend Google Transylite :wink:

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