View only feature for Wallets


It would be nice to have a view only feature within the mobile and desktop wallets.

Sometimes users just want to keep an eye on their assets and other markets without needing to import their seed or full account. Other users may only want a view-only feature on mobile & web for security reasons. For example, people may want to check, from time to time, cold or semi-cold accounts - on the move or when they don’t have access to their own device. It would also be a good way of letting users show Waves to someone, using their own account as example, without risking security.

It would be great to have an additional option when logging in to a wallet that allows you to enter just the Waves address so that all the assets and markets can be viewed but without needing seed for full access.

I guess this fuctionality could also be delivered by Waves or third parties as a seperate Mobile APP, Desktop or Web tool but it would be nice to have this option in the regular wallet.

Any thoughts on this from others?


Полностью согласен, функция просмотра просто необходима


Maybe these links can be helpful for what you was looking for


You can login with some random seed :slight_smile:


Indeed. But, as I said, it would be nice to be able to view all assets and orders for the account without having to enter seed or import account - i.e. by using ‘Account Import’ and then entering a Waves address, account name (and password could be optional) into the desktop or mobile wallet.


You’re right. It would be a useful feature.


Using wavekeeper is simple to login. Try it.