Wallet /portofolio

I am beginner in cryptocurrencies.On Monday I bought my first waves with fiat money euro. Before 5 minutes I was in my portofolio , I have clicked on the button portfolio and appeared my balances in waves and in euro. Over the balances there is a line containing choice Send , Receive and on the right is written All active (2) beside the arrow clicking on appeared again All active (2) and below Spam (1) – WHAT’S THAT ?? AM I in danger already after 2 days in waves /portofolio?It is unbelievable!!! What can I do? Please , please for quick response.

No you’re not in danger.

Just avoid to click on spam token if you don’t know what you’re doing :slight_smile:

When a token is classified as spam?

No, you’re not in danger.
Anybody can create a token on the Waves Platform. More than 18,000 tokens have been created already. Assets with a suspicious name or description are added to the spam list, to prevent users from falling victim to scams.