Wallet private


Hi was wondering if I can have our own wallet.

And where can we find the source code


You can find source code here: https://github.com/wavesplatform/WavesClientLite


you mean something like theme’s for the waves wallet, for the various token?

jes others also suggessted that. i doubt however that will be used by people a lot.



Thanks, was looking more in the direction of business private type of wallet for local business working with bank.



why should people want such a token? i mean isnt there rather a trend towards wallets that can handle a lot of different plattforms and blockchains and you arent that blocked,

why limit yourself with a wallet that makes other digital assets unstorable?

themes are rather a more likely option for customization than assetblocking asset filtering and asset banning wallets.



Cool but I need to direct fiat access from from wallets.
Credit card payments.

I like the themes


there are waves banked fiats on the waves plattform,

but i doubt i can understand your problem here… why you are looking to create a new wallet, instead of customizing the current existing one



But o really need to have credit cards to buy directly from wallets our cards don’t seem to work from here few friends trying no luck.
So I can add a gateway from here.


please tell me this wallet can be configured only for two assets? Where can I get instructions?