Waves Airdrop Site


Hello Waves Partners

I just found this site: https://airdropwaves.com/
where you can submit your Airdrop Entry!

Who try this site and Enter another Airdrop in your token?


seems will be a good site


It is a good site but seem less traction,


A Facebook page for Airdrops & Faucets only for Waves Blockchain



Good Project Redfish




ok thanks, send me coins here



Waves Airdrop Site

who will give you coins?


sorry last time due to network issues I could not complete all details, today I have filled the form and completed all steps and sent u email, here r my details:
telegram: @mdpuregold
twitter: @DrMHJanjua
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drmuhammadhamza.janjua
medium: @DrMHJanjua
steemit: drmhj
Reddit: AdministrativeExtent
Waves address: 3PJGTqD66GK6FbPBYZGzZZwjrwug1kvgPbK


When can I claim my MGOLD token?


I am sorry, this is not the thread for any token, only referring to the site!