Waves Assist

We improved the installation guide a little bit so it is more secure.
Have a look for yourself!

We added some more guides for you:

we also working on an update guide when a resync is mandatory. This will come soon!

If you have any feedback, just let me know!
Also let us know if you would like to see other guides created about different topics!

Don’t want to wait for your mine rewards?
We pay each day!
Have a look to all the payments of the last few days:

Hi, Have you problems with payments?

Seems like it … :open_mouth:
Maybe because I improved the security a little bit on the node…
I will have a look to it (ASAP) and all the payments will be of course done reversely!

Sorry for the delay!

Thanks for heading me up with this!


Everything is fixed and works well again.
All payments are done from the last few days!

Kind regards,

For those who has questions or want to talk with me.
You can join our telegram: t.me/wavesassist !

Updated the text above / removed everything from the GON event because this will be completed tomorrow!

Come and join our node!
Stable and paying each day!

Payments are done till block height 1740000 …
After that the payments will include the extra rewards, we will inform you all what will changed at our side!

The payment criteria is changed.
We pay out 95% of all waves with the new reward system!

Why lowering down ?
Because MRT is been removed we need to have a small amount of profit to pay the bills. that is why we change it back to 95%.

We upgrade our node successfully from 4gb to 8gb memory.
This is a complete new VPS so let’s forge some more blocks now! :slight_smile:

The details of the last payments can be found on our website:

Waves node release 1.1.3 is here, update your node!
We have made a guide for it: https://www.wavesassist.com/updating-waves-node-no-resync/

There is also a script made that will perform all the steps for you. (on the website we explain you how to create this script)

Github repository can be found:

Created another script, but this time for the installation of a node.
With this script the installation is semi automatic and very easy to complete!

More information can be found:

Script available on:

We are at: 167 thousand leasers , but our goal is at least 1 million.
So come and support our node by leasers a part of your waves to WavesAssist node!

Don’t lease to 1 node but try to divide your amount of waves to some nodes, so you will support more nodes and the decentralization of the network !

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Hello good men, SanderWaves I have a little problem with the lending system and it is that there is a fee for lending waves, what can i do

what is your problem?
Yeh there is a small fee of 0.01 waves to get the lease active.
For the rest it is just following the steps to lease your waves to a node.
please let me know if you need any help further!

We made a overview for you of all the configured votes for the new voting period (WEP4)