Waves bitcoin with name BTCW in coinmarketcap

I hope that waves bitcoin will be listed in coinmarketcap with name BTCW, and everyone can trade BTCW in some exchange like binance, bittrex, hitbtc, … It improves our volume in waves.exchange.

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There is no such token on Waves platform and I’m sure it will be marked scam as soon as someone creates it

We have BTC in gateway with name WBTC, but in coinmarketcap and some exchanges WBTC is wrapped bitcoin related with ETH network. So I suggest rename our BTC to BTCW, and list it to coinmarketcap and some exchanges.

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I don’t think ppl would be happy to see token named as a known cryptocurrency being listed on coinmarketcap, and no exchange would wanna offer it as many ppl would buy it by mistake and complain.

But I wonder why tokens on Waves aren’t listed.

caybach, yeah, it would be nice.