Pool name:

Address for leasing:


Payment policy:

  • 100% of WAVES and 80% MRT every month. More balance - more often payments
  • Also additional we are paying BoxiNode token, about token you can read here

Pool Representatives:
Ilya | [email protected]

Server: Germany. Team: Russia

Feature voting policy:
Voting due to leasers decision. System of leasers voting is under review.

Other Details:
As pool we are trying to help Waves Network to grow. Soon on website will be created faucet and more useful tools for Waves users.

  • Currently we have a goal 35000 of generating balance. And bonuses for leasers after this goal is achieved. Read more

We appreciate any support!


New payment to leasers!

Total paid in WAVES: 14.1876 WAVES

More info: https://waves.boxinode.com/payment1/


no payment last week!


Hello. Payments are every month, not every week. Next one will be on 20 November


no payment last mounth


Hi. No worries, payment will be today. I just updated payment script


New payment to leasers!

Total paid in WAVES : 17.93 WAVES

More info: https://waves.boxinode.com/payment2