Waves Brasil is a centralized group


I come here to demonstrate my total outrage with Mr. Irlan Pierre, Waves ambassador to Brazil. It restricts any project made under the Waves platform that is not in your best interest. He claims that WavesBR has no obligation to disclose any project and is not a marketing tool.
An ambassador, in my view, has an impartial role in making decisions, he has to be democratic, something that Mr. Irlan Pierre does not have in groups, blocks and expels users who want to demonstrate their projects, being totally authoritarian and dictator. So if Waves works along these lines, decentralization is far from it, as all decision-making power is in the hands of an “ambassador / dictator”.


It happened to me, I questioned the Waves Brazil Telegram group administered by Irlan and some other members and when I wrote a message questioning the Waves ambassador’s group’s posture in Brazil regarding support for Brazilian projects I was briefly banned from group and got no response from Irlan DM. Let’s see:

  • There is no Brazilian exchange that listed Waves as a currency for exchange;
  • No Node can disclose in the group, even about leaser payments;
  • When Waves was included in Ledger Nano S, the official dealer in Brazil was to disclose the news in the group and was banned (if you want to step his contact);
  • A cryptocurrency-specific t-shirt maker did not receive the Waves logo art to make the t-shirts, Irlan wanted some t-shirts in exchange for that art (if you want to get in touch with him);
  • Waves Brasil’s telegram group always revolves around 2k users;
    In conclusion, Waves ambassador to Brazil named Irlan Pierre legislates on his own behalf and not for the community.
  • It offers an escrow service for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and for that it exploits the Waves Brazil community without any shame (https://medium.com/@wavesbrasil/escrow-wavesbrasil-d63ce1b1f917). -
    You have tried to deploy a Stablecoin WBRL to no avail (https://medium.com/@wavesbrasil/brl-t-5c44c7627567) and lastly
  • Upped a Waves Node (https://www.facebook.com/WavesBrazilOfficial/photos/a.539720039711857/945510872466103/?type=3&theater)
    for these reasons he does not support any other Waves Platform initiative taking place in Brazil


This is the print of the message that made me take a ban and I got no response on the reason for the ban and after that Irlan blocked all forms of contact I had with him Telegram and WhatsApp