Waves Brasil is a centralized group

I come here to demonstrate my total outrage with Mr. Irlan Pierre, Waves ambassador to Brazil. It restricts any project made under the Waves platform that is not in your best interest. He claims that WavesBR has no obligation to disclose any project and is not a marketing tool.
An ambassador, in my view, has an impartial role in making decisions, he has to be democratic, something that Mr. Irlan Pierre does not have in groups, blocks and expels users who want to demonstrate their projects, being totally authoritarian and dictator. So if Waves works along these lines, decentralization is far from it, as all decision-making power is in the hands of an “ambassador / dictator”.

It happened to me, I questioned the Waves Brazil Telegram group administered by Irlan and some other members and when I wrote a message questioning the Waves ambassador’s group’s posture in Brazil regarding support for Brazilian projects I was briefly banned from group and got no response from Irlan DM. Let’s see:

  • There is no Brazilian exchange that listed Waves as a currency for exchange;
  • No Node can disclose in the group, even about leaser payments;
  • When Waves was included in Ledger Nano S, the official dealer in Brazil was to disclose the news in the group and was banned (if you want to step his contact);
  • A cryptocurrency-specific t-shirt maker did not receive the Waves logo art to make the t-shirts, Irlan wanted some t-shirts in exchange for that art (if you want to get in touch with him);
  • Waves Brasil’s telegram group always revolves around 2k users;
    In conclusion, Waves ambassador to Brazil named Irlan Pierre legislates on his own behalf and not for the community.
  • It offers an escrow service for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and for that it exploits the Waves Brazil community without any shame (https://medium.com/@wavesbrasil/escrow-wavesbrasil-d63ce1b1f917). -
    You have tried to deploy a Stablecoin WBRL to no avail (https://medium.com/@wavesbrasil/brl-t-5c44c7627567) and lastly
  • Upped a Waves Node (https://www.facebook.com/WavesBrazilOfficial/photos/a.539720039711857/945510872466103/?type=3&theater)
    for these reasons he does not support any other Waves Platform initiative taking place in Brazil

This is the print of the message that made me take a ban and I got no response on the reason for the ban and after that Irlan blocked all forms of contact I had with him Telegram and WhatsApp

Mr. Fabiomattes, first of all, you need to understand that Mr. Irlan Pierre is an ambassador for WavesPlatform and one of the co-founders of the WavesBrasil group.

The WavesBrasil group is a group created by two Blockchain Enthusiasts (Irlan Pierre and Me) who admire WavesPlatform and so we decided to create a group where we could help investors, enthusiasts and curious who want to use or already use WavesPlatform. An important detail here is that the group was created before any support from WavesPlatform, and the only support received so far is the dissemination of the group on their social networks. We are not funded by WavesPlatform.

I believe you are not aware of all the actions of Mr. Irlan Pierre and I will not describe them here, as you can talk to him yourself about this, I believe you would be surprised at all his actions to bring knowledge about WavesPlatform and Blockchain to the most various groups of people throughout Brazil.

About WavesBrasil, as co-founder, I will answer all your questions.

When we started the group, one of the first guidelines was not to advertise projects that look like SCAM, maybe your project fell into that context. If your project is not in this context I am available to understand your project and help you with what you need, contact me at Telegram.

Another thing WavesBrasil is a privately owned group and was not created by WavesPlatform and we really have no obligation to disclose dubious projects and yes we are not a marketing tool.

As I said the group is private, so we give ourselves the right to block or expel all users who might harm community members with dubious projects that there are no real people, companies, websites but just a Telegram user figure. We even had several expulsions for FUD.

I also think you should study a little more about decentralization, because there is decentralization in the Waves Blockchain, but the WavesBrasil group is not a Decentralized Organization, even the WavesPlatform company is not a Decentralized Organization.

I am available for any questions.

Okay, so it’s explained and since waves is not a decentralized crypto project so I have no interest in waves. Thanks to friend Thiago Capuano for his help with the token neutrino and the Waves Dev Jedi group, this one has a real interest in distributing the knowledge of waves to the Brazilian community without expecting anything in return but the adoption of the currency in the country. Peace.

And one more thing, you are so interested in the project that you didn’t even bother to register in the forum, just registered to give this mediocre answer.

“I’m available for any questions.”

As if you were really going to answer some questions about the waves themselves.

Have a good week.

I believe you did not understand. Of course Waves is a decentralized crypto project. Now a Telegram group is not decentralized.

I believe you did not correctly express the wish of your project to the WavesBrasil group members and so it must have been blocked.

I am also in the Waves Dev Jedi group, if you need help just ask.

Please don’t be irresponsible spreading a lie, we help hundreds of people through the WavesBrasil group.

I myself went to some events (Lecture at the Câmara do Comércio Franca Brasil, Campus Party, Lecture at Rede Globo Hackathon) to bring knowledge about Blockchain and WavesPlatform without earning anything in return, including spending my own money.

#Peace too.

The forum has been reset for some time, I was registered from the beginning, but all data was reset, but I was not participating in this medium anymore, precisely because of the lack of interest from Brazilians.

Now participating in this forum does not measure anyone’s interest, I am a big investor in Waves, a RIDE developer and a contributor to the WavesBrasil community.

Just do not jump to conclusions, since I am from ICO and did not start yesterday as some people who have suspicious interest.

Of course I’m here to defend WavesBrasil, although I don’t need it.

Have a good week you too.

This is complicated, but we already tried to contact FoxBit, MercadoBitcoin and Braziliex, but all said that Waves’ technology is different from Bitcoin and Ethereum-based currencies and so they needed to invest. And sure enough at some point we told WavesPlatform that, but we as a community don’t have much power to do anything.

Sure you can, but first you need to set your payment rules and have a website even if it’s hosted on WIX.
We already released WavesGO, Waves.One (while still a supporter), WavesLease, and so many others.

And we still don’t disclose. We are not a third party marketing tool. We are a community and we need to protect it.

Unfortunately I will not be able to talk about this, but Irlan will have to answer.

This is certainly a lie.

This is a service of Irlan and not of WavesBrasil, I can not comment either.

The service is new, there is no profit and virtually everything is reinvested in the costs of the operation, but now with Blockreward we will have many initiatives.
But remember, we translate a lot of news about Waves, we send it to many different sites, including GuiaDoBitcoin, CriptoMoedasFácil, UniversoCripto and many others spreading the word of Waves, and we also participate in events featuring Waves, helping many community members with the most diverse doubts and etc, just remembering that we at WavesBrasil do it without any return.

And please do not confuse the work of Irlan Ambassador of Waves with the WavesBrasil community.

I hope to have answered many questions.

“some people who have a suspicious interest”

Define suspicious interest.

And position and lecture for me as a regular user of waves interests me nothing, what really interests me is the support that the community gives to new projects that are not from the Irlan / Evandro clique.

“We help hundreds of people through the WavesBrasil group.”

Yeah, the same hundreds of people. Ever thought it could be thousands?

“I think you did not correctly express the wish of your project to members of the WavesBrasil group and therefore it must have been blocked.”

I did not express, did not have the opportunity. The problem there in this group goes deeper. It is something ego-oriented than willingness to help.

But that’s ok, I’m not the one who’ll be here massaging anybody’s ego, for me to stop talking. And thank you for your interest in leaving a reply, which Mr. Irlan in all his importance cannot do.

suspicious interest, its name says.

Are you killing me?

But when you have a project, a website and want to discuss, just get in touch, so we will review your project and if it’s not a suspicious project, you can post it.

Is this serious?

The telegram group currently has only 1737 members and you said it was a lie that the group has less than two thousand users? Really? You can have this playground of yours, I’m here cheering for Waves and you find what you’re looking for.

Stop this now!!! Finish this talk.

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See the context of the citation please and we all know the amount of the group, this is public.

The truth is that their answers to all the questions were insufficient. All my questions you can see Irlan’s intention to promote himself first in place of Waves, which bothered me, but as you said Waves Brazil is centralized so ok. Tell your superior Irlan that he should no longer perform around ten and he represents Waves because this is bad for the coin. Please

I agree with you.

We have already been working for over 2 years promoting WavesPlatform and helping a lot of people.

The only thing I ask is respect for WavesBrasil and not spreading lies.


True, many lies. Of course, you are saints!