Waves browser extension


We are currently developing a Waves browser extension.

This will sign transactions. Users will not need to type their seed phrases into websites. The extension will offer greater security and accessibility for projects developing applications on top of Waves.

We need your help to decide the name of the extension:

  • Waves Keeper
  • My Waves
  • MetaWaves
  • WavesHodler
  • Your suggestion in the comments

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Great idea! Like metamask. I voted Waves Keeper because it sounds like Gate Keeper.


I hate 20 char minimum post, anyway nameproposal>


Waves keeper for sure !!


’ WaveSecure ’ , ’ WaveSign ’ , ’ WavesEXT ’


i like Waves Keeper too, sounds good.


I voted My Waves :point_left:


I think the Waves Keeper sounds really good. Thanks, guys, will take this name.