Waves Client Feature Requests


Customizable filters

What do you think about customizable filters? With cusomizable filters I mean the possibility to create and save own filter systems with different parameters

For example filters for different dollar values of your stack [<500$, 501$- 4999$, >4999$] , only coins which you bought on the dex or whatever else comes to your mind. The more customizable, the better!


@tatiana Adding a Beep sound whenever a transaction is send or received in his/her account will help user to make attention.


This one will be rather hard to check, since it would mean a full blockchain check every time, to see if some coins were bought ;p


Hi, can there be a feature to send multiple different tokens in 1 send?
I understand this will cost the x amount of tokens x 0.001waves.

Would be nice to clear the wallet in 1 transaction of multiple or all spam tokens at once. instead of repeating 200 times the same process.

Please consider this.
Thank you.


I think the Waves client would benefit from bringing back the check mark when leasing to a node to verify the correct address has been put in the box. Please see below. The first picture shows how it used to be. The second shows how it is now. I am red/green color blind like a decent amount of people and this would make things easier for us along with other potential people in the future. The problem for me is that if I don’t see a check mark I didn’t know whether or not the box was red or green. So I was on the verge of just transferring my coins back to the exchange and selling them. Luckily I knew to go to the discord and get help via #support. If you think about it the crypto space is somewhat complectated as it is and you want it as user friendly as possible. “So easy a grandma could do it.” Am I right? Thanks for your time.



When the address is not valid, a message appears :wink:


Good to know but one wouldn’t know that it was valid even the correct address was in if he/she was color blind. They would only know if it wasn’t valid based off the notification that you are displaying because you put a non-valid leasing address if you see my point.


My humble thoughts:

  • Orders should be monitored from the graph just like bitmex. A simple line with order postition/price.
  • Edit order in quantity and price.
  • Orders editablity from the graph by dragging like again bitmex
  • Filled orders can not be tracked as a whole. We see every transaction at the transaction page as a list for the same order, not whole order. A bit confusing.

Well, that’s is for now. I hope someone will notice. Thanks in advance.


On Waves client, please make portfolio sortable by USD value, exportable to CSV, or filterable.


Please make a method for me to see return rates from staking nodes/stakes. A simple “in USD/BTC” per would be good, or a detailed report of “coins received per node” ideally with the amount that was staked would be great.


Add more filters:

  • sponsored
  • smart asset


1 - make wallets have all the Cryptocurrencies and Fiat money’s hidden by default when created, 2 - allow sponsored transactions for alias creation (better still let everyone make one for free when creating a wallet), 3 - a way to easily scan a pairing code to see if there are assets in the wallet (for making paper wallets/hard copy of currency easier), 4 - a native way to receive notifications you have received an asset in your wallet, 5 - a way to lock a wallet to stop or pause the constant airdropping of mainly useless assets.


Add ability to sweep paperwallet (waves or token paperwallet).

The funds in the paperwallet must be transferred to the wallet used by the user. (do not create a new wallet).
As bitcoin wallets do.