Waves client for linux mint not working



I am experiencing some issues with my waves client 1.0.8 on my linux mint box.

Despite I am having sufficient amounts of currencies ( 0.00617616 BTC and 0.82008815 waves), I am impossible tu buy some more waves with BTC. Everytime I try to put on an order, the destop application says an errot message : invalid order. with this amount of BTC I could have bough some 20+ waves.

I have no idea why it does not work, furthermore, my layout is grey, is there a problem ?

What can I do to enhance the verbosity of the output at buying orders ??


Hello, tofm2!
Sorry for such delay.
We have tested Waves desktop application on Mint system, and it seems to be working fine.
Please specify what OS version do you use ?

According to this issue:
Try to change the expiration time for your order (for example try “7 days”)
And send us your address , so we can check your tradable balance.

As there any more problems you are facing with ?


Thanks for your answer, apparently the problem is solved with the latest update of the client (.21)

I was using Linux Mint 19

Best regards