Waves DEX beta test


We’re inviting everyone to participate in beta testing the new version of the Waves DEX.

We’re looking for 50 active community members. After testing is over, we will award prizes to five community members whose feedback we found most valuable.

You must register in order to participate in testing. After registration, between 1am and 2am (UTC+3) you will receive a direct message via Discord. This will contain a link enabling you to access the new version of the DEX, and another link for submitting a bug report.

Beta testing will end on 22 June at 10am (UTC+3).

UPD: Guys, those of you who are testing the new DEX and those of you who didn’t find any bugs. You can send short feedback. Thank you so much! https://goo.gl/forms/JNC1mNkZOPZtR54p1


Can I use the username and password you previously set up for me? Or will I get a new one when I register?


dam, i hope i get in. i cant wait!


You can use previous


Are we providing feedback here? If it is not a bug…


You can use Comment field in the form.


done reg. i wanna to try, and be beta tester…


He submitted an application and is ready to experiment with his coin which is traded not only for dex (check of transfers and order activation, redemption, etc.)


I’m ready to try the new DEX version


Have you registered? Have you received a message?


I already registered, I do not receive a message


How many hours will I receive the message?


What is your Discord username?


I have already sent you a link. Sent you PM.


I also filled the form yesterday 10:pm uct, no massage at discord. (hermanndl) i‘m In ambassador-channel also…

Thank you @hermanndl (telegram)



I can’t find you in Discord


registered and ready! lol…


Have you already get the message?


tatiana I got your email but don’t know what ur talking about, lol…

Lemme know, and thanks!



im in discord hon…nickname is cwick