Waves Explorer Feature Requests


Hey, guys!
You can use this topic to request new features.


Hi! I have a few requests.

  • Will it be possible to look up more than 100 transactions per address in the future?
  • Maybe add the option to look up an alias straight from the searchfield. You can now only view an alias by looking up the address.
  • Search for certain transactiontypes for an address or asset

The new design is beautiful, keep it up :slight_smile:


Excelent UX but there should be easily check how many waves generate each wave block


Hi @tatiana
I think adding an additional Donation/Pay button will be helpful to get payment or donations on that address instead of using copying and paste address. Button should work like a gateway to that address as its already available in Payment API.

There should be an total value of asset in native currency. (especially in Waves USD value)



If you all haven’t loaded Wavesexplorer recently you should do so. They have made several improvements to the website recently. I just noticed the new interface yesterday. Still several things I would like see improvements for at this time. But, they improvements are a good start.




  • update timestamp because some data is wrong: i.e. supply, reissuable/not-reissuable
  • show sponsored asset fee


Yes, have added to the backlog. Thank you


I think it would be very interesting to enter the id of my token and also see all the transactions in addition to the token creation data.
In short, a sort of explorer only for id inserted.


Maybe a asset distribution chart so we can see who holds our tokens and not have to rely on 3rd party , pywaves been down few days, gravit went down months ago , so we need a few more


I agree. I’d like there to be a Rich list and the Wealth distribution. Something like this:


That could be easily done, for instance, PYWaves has already the information about distribution (http://dev.pywaves.org/distribution/) and we did something similar but specifically for our project (https://whitelist.kolinplatform.com/)


Probably you should specify when a fee was paid in certain coin (sponsored transactions).

For example, if you check our wallet in the explorer https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PGsboZa7nvTMcAhL8jzPtrXGjsgU8yKWeQ a transfer for 61,400,463.8668052 RENTOO appears on 21.03.2019 20:04:42 .

At first sight seems like we are moving other tokens but it is actually there because an user paid the fee in Kolin.

There should be a kind of badge specifying this as a sponsored transaction nothing else, this would avoid future confusions.