WAVES faucet


Hey. tell me is it possible to get WAVES without attachments ? is there a faucet ?


Check out https://h2ox.io/U_U54ONAW5TKNS8A


Hello, SAHA72.
Please tell us, without what attachments do you mean ?
There is a faucet to get 10 WAVES on testnet. you can find it here https://wavesexplorer.com/testnet/faucet
It will be soon available at the new explorer aswell


in my opinion it does not work I enter my address waves but nothing happens


Check also https://h2ox.io/U_5K31WO8HG73XT0


thanks for the link. I figured out how and what and sent me 10 coins !!!:ухмыляющийся:


Вроде кранов нет, только купить.


How did you get it to send the coins, the normal waves address is not working


Does the faucet work?


Yes, but the link has been changed https://wavesexplorer.com/testnet/faucet


how to create testnet address ?


You can create it here https://testnet.wavesplatform.com/


Отлично,я получила Waves !!


who cares - that’s multi faucet with a tap waves. https://adsiix.com/register?ref=saha72




I have awarded with some free Wave is testnet wave platform. How can I use those?


You can test how the platform works on testnet.wavesplatform.com


Waves and more faucets - https://bithunt.win/r/8711


The BEST Waves token faucet so far
Most active token can be found here!