Waves Is A J.O.K.E

Our tokens have been hijacked twice already. Scam buyers put in an enormous amount of buy orders, unfilled and when real buys are placed, unless the orders are filled, noone can buy the tokens.
So basically we are merging to Ethereum.

Waves needs to fix this. I checked the account of the idiot stealing everyones money, 13k in Waves. Maybe we will just lowball and ruin everyones tokens from now on too.

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Can you explain please how this hijack works? Its not clear

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Basically it works like this. If your trading volume is low and you have a few positive trades, your token builds intrinsic value making it attractive to buyers. Out of the blue, a bottom feeding scammer comes along and puts in a barrage of buy orders making it impossible trade for a specific amount because Waves will not allow for any trades to take place until these orders a fulfilled. This means that a token trading at 1.00 can be brought to it’s knees by a scammer who jams up the order book with 20 or 30 buy requests for 0.00001 percent of the value of your token. If you sell your tokens for services rendered, its impossible for buyers to buy your token at any particular matched price because the scammer is waiting for his profit on the buy price he has placed. Zero support for this. I’m not even sure how this buyer was able to achieve this since our tokens have been bought and sold with specific matches.

Anyway, Waves is a sham platform and basically the token holder loses all his or her Waves trying to keep the token at a respectable value or suffers from zero activity.

I didn’t understand anything and I’m really not sure what you are trying to say?
Somebody put in buy orders and that’s why your price went down?

Yeah, sounds like complete nonsense :slight_smile:
Waves dex is fair market and there is no way to “steal everyones money”. If some token costs zero it means nothing but that

Looking at the DEX, I noticed that your token has a 600,000,000 supply and it is reissuable.
You should only say thanks if you have an enourmous amount of buy orders.

Just sell your tokens at the “barrier” price and see that it is possible to trade. You can’t pretend that buyers offer more.