Waves Pool Party Node


Pool name: Waves Pool Party Node

Address for leasing: 3PNVJBPfP3staohpek1HYUjj5vVccrbZzPK

Website: wavespoolpartynode.com

Payment policy: 98% of waves paid to leasors on weekly basis

How much, how frequently do you pay to leasers: Once a week

Pool Representatives:



(e.g. country, optional)

Feature voting policy:

We support all positive and forward moving development features on the waves blockchain

Other Details:


Payment 26/09/18

1.01178 Waves paid to leasers


Payment 02/10/18

2.611896 Waves paid to leasers


Payment 10/10/18

2.7128 Waves paid to leasers


Payment 17/10/18

1.22961 Waves paid to leasers


Payout for Oct 24 2016 is done!

2.3170 Waves paid Thank you