Waves tokens and leasing pools lists



Too many projects

Let’s start from the fact that almost 20,000 tokens were created through Waves Platform and most of them are spam on inactive projects.

Low visibility on the DEX

Also only few tokens have visibility directly on the DEX except through the use of the search bar.

Lack of info

This force people to know in advance what token to invest in before going on the DEX.

Furthermore, when we click on a token name in the DEX, we don’t have the possibility to get more info about that token, as we proposed in this other post:

Thus we are forced to search on Google to find more info. Needless to say that this discourages investors.

Waves tokens and leasing pools lists

More visibility, logo, info, media, contacts

For these reasons we have created a list of Waves-based active projects - tokens or leasing pools - including your logos and some useful info like website and a link to the asset details and distribution report. More info could be added in future. Just ask. :wink:

What we need to add your project:


  • Token logo – image 300 x 300 pixels, .jpg or .png
  • Asset ID
  • You must prove you’re the token issuer


  • Leasing pool name
  • Address for leasing
  • Logo – image 300 x 300 pixels, .jpg or .png

More optional info can be added, of course.

Add your projects at this link and share this topic:

Help us to give greater visibility to Waves-based projects and to make them known!

Promotion of coins created in Waves

Added to Waves token list:

Added to Leasing pools list:

  • LocalWavesNode_logo LocalWavesNode



Added 4 tokens to the list:

  • Redfishcoin_logo Redfishcoin

  • Bichip_logo Bichip

  • Tradecoin Tradecoin

  • SicloCoin_logo SicloCoin

Also, now it is possible to:

  • check the asset details
  • click a pair to buy on Waves DEX
  • check live prices
  • check live volume 24h in Waves
  • the max or total supply
  • claim some free tokens from faucets

Feel free to propose your ideas and requests in our [Questions & Answers]


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