Waves tokens on multiple exchanges

One of the biggest problems facing waves asset issuers is finding a secondary exchange to list assets on. If you create an asset on the Waves chain it will be listed on the Waves DEX, but it will not be visible to the general public outside of the Waves DEX. For example the most common place people look up assets is coinmarketcap.com, to get listed there your asset must be trading on at least 2 exchanges, we have the Waves DEX so we just need one other easily accessible exchange to list Waves based assets on. If your token is not listed on coinmarketcap, no one cares about you. Does anyone know of any exchange that allows listing of Waves based assets without too much trouble, scrutiny, or expense? If not does anyone want to try to get one going?

You can check the other projects threads.
Some exchange names: Tidex, Crex24, Nessie, Aiodex, Nanu, Coinfalcon, SatoExchange.


Maybe it’s better to address new exchanges? They might be interested in listings.

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thanks! that is a good suggestion & a helpful list.

I think new exchanges are attractive because they always offer new solutions to old problems to take their place under the sun you know

We (Kolinplatform) are listed on Cryptonex, STEX, Crex24, Bleutrade, SWFT, Kompler, and Bitree. We were the first Waves token contacting them for listing in most cases then you could try that as well. Exchanges are always looking for new listing opportunities and Waves is a nice mainnet for initial exposure. Bittrex and Bitfinex are free as well for listing if you have really good product


Yeah, and they are interested in increasing the trading volume so I guess they would consider new listings eagerly

I know that to attract audience, exchanges try to expand the number of coins supported by the platform, so today a number of 300 is already ok.

Yeah, that’s because they need to provide their users with a good trading volume which is possible to cater with a specific number of the coins listed

As far as I know, Coinbase is the biggest exchange in terms of trading volume

you can list waves token on https://nanu.exchange/exchange#nnc_redfish
Many token already listed there and its cheap to list token

That’s quite a big choice of coins!

A good start maybe for a Waves token to list External exchange, and other exchange, then satoexchange, altily and others

On Coinbase or where?

Is it listed anywhere yet?

Big and reliable exchanges won’t contact us first, we need to send requests to get listed on these exchanges

I thought you guys are quite a popular coin, aren’t you?

So these exchanges are a good start for new altcoins?