Waves Tokens with Daily dividend-like in Structure


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I have been following up a lot of waves token projects likewise comparing them with ETH. I would be writing my findings on some waves token with stock-like incorporation into their project thereby providing another layer of streem income in the cryptoecosystem. My last article was about list of waves token that offer daily waves. However a comprehensive details will be given likewise more updates. Firstly lists of waves token with great hodl benefits for either long or short term. Thus:

Says Indonesia token
These waves token offers rewards to hodl inform of dividend. Note not actual dividend but rewards. (dividend_like) Most interesting stuff about this project is the do have one form or the other real life company or groups of firms leverage and support. Psytax offer daily waves which mostly is paid in advance given its members more edge in covering more trading expense averagely in a week you can get approximately 0.015waves for hodl at least 100psytax while reccoin with only 100reccoin averagely you get 0.012waves weekly however its constantly changed from 0.012-0.009waves. Furthermore gresikcoin having 0.007 waves weekly with 1000gresikcoin hodl inclusive 0.0001eth weekly and BCH monthly while lastly trooper offer 1waves for hodl of 5000trooper monthly.
Consequently its important to note their price for the past weeks. Psytax price has been scaling constantly new horizons with it
Price begins with 0.004 waves as at two weeks ago now at 0.0099waves. With rise and fall changes between 0.008999 and 0.00999991waves. If this point is eventually scale it will be lambo for early investors and an opportunity for others to catch the next train to lambo. However reccoin and also been hanging in after his fall from 0.002…waves or there about and currently as at the time of writing 0.0009… waves. Waving between 0.001…-0.0009…waves. This I my opinion was probably the delay in its daily waves and low daily income level by its supporting firm and IRL contract larger bonuses. Gresikcoin very active in given out its daily waves its price also dropping due to recent give out or campaign getting prepared to moon due to is recent announcement of weekly ETH and monthly BCH we should be expecting its mooning in couple of days as this announcement was made on 8th of may 2018. Finally TROOPER, trooper just commence trading with its announcement of 1waves monthly for the first 1000 holder of 5000trooper anytime soon its price will be up thereby making it a bit expensive, I will recommend buying 5000trooper now at 0.0001- 0.0003 waves now before its monthly one waves give out news got bought by investors. Psytax, reccoin, gresikcoin and trooper I suggests you hodl buy them now on beta.wavesplatform.com and hodl. Note the above waves token provides the following utility:
Changing mining process to real life mining contract through investment in real life events related to an existing company or group of firm.
The source of the daily, weekly or monthly rewards comes from the supporting firms or groups of firms which is also relative to the income of the firms or company involved.
Some proportion of token bought during or after ICO are used or invested into the firms for exponential profit or loss.
The firm in return also invest in the token by given out rewards (dividend_like)
This token are also used as means of exchange or gateway payment with the firm especially psytax and trooper (don’t know about gresikcoin and reccoin on this).
This token enable use cases to their firm thereby supporting the use case of the waves blockchain and bring cryptos closer to firms and investors with or without the knowledge.
The psytax particularly was able to incorporate cooperative society scheme into its project.
Trooper specifically provides payment services aims at providing payment services to real life firms and clients. Other details are within respective waves token whitepapers. https://t.me/psytax

Let together create lists of waves token with daily reward or dividend-like.


You can try our Redfishcoin, a verified Waves token of Steemit Redfish Community! You can earn 3% to 10% monthly staking buy holding minimum of 100 Redfish. Steemit Shares Program is distributed every 25th of the month!


Asset I’d plz can you explain more about redfish is it that we just need to only hold 100redfish.


Hello everyone please note:

Says Indonesia
No longer offer daily dividend nor waves any longer likewise rec coin we do know yet its stance but my advice is to simply buy with your waves set your target ROi then use their dividends to purchase more. I will keep you updated about rec coin but my advice stay off because its dev is dumping its coin.


Redfishcoin earnings start by Holding minimum of 100 Redfish to be a stockholder!


Asset ID : 5sU8dF7DyN7dKN4NiFTtVC5shqthSgTEuvKUu2iusyS2
_ Name : Redfishcoin
_ Symbol : REDFISH
_ Issuer : 3PQeT7ayanjvH4Ab5nRvxvJQqiGuWQRv34F
_ Reissuable : False
_ Decimals : 8
_ Total supply : 999999.00000000
_ Max supply : 999999.00000000
_ Circulating : 999777.00000000

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Current lists of waves token with dividend like structure/project:
1.psy token
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redfish any airdrop for redfishcoin. If yes I will introduced you to our telegram community full of active investors criteria:

  1. An airdrop for the community
  2. Active on the group and must hold other dividend like tokens
  3. Share info on other project. We making a reference lists of all dividend like waves token and ETH and also we reward you for info given


Thanks for the invitation,
But AIRDROP of redfishcoin was long done last september-October 2017,

So far, we don’t have plan for future airdrops!

What we offer now are the Staking program.


Kk redfish just added you token to the lists great work since September 2017. Let keep the flag flying just bought some. Thanks for discussing the opportunity


AIPCOIN в будущем будет выплачивать ежемесячные дивиденды