Waves Toronto Community Meetup, Smart Contracts. Sept 25, 2018

Waves has rolled out smart contracts on the main net, as soon as the nodes update their software Smart contracts will be activated. First stage is non-turing complete contracts - Smart Accounts and Smart Assets. What does it mean and why it is important? Come to find out.

Introducing Waves - fastest and friendliest blockchain to date.

(In order to learn faster and participate in the Airdrop of tokens to your wallet, please install Waves Wallet and fill out the form at http://bit.ly/wavesform )

2 parts of the presentation:

7 PM - Introduction to Waves Blockchain and Smart contracts on Waves for Business
7:30 PM - Coffee Break
7:45 PM - Smart contracts for developers. Video call and presentation with Waves developer from Moscow, Inal Kardanoff.

Pizza Drinks and Snacks will be served.


We have been giving away THAT coins at the Crypto Bay meetup for quite a while now. They are issued on the Waves blockchain. And we will continue giving them away to WAVES meetup members.

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Excellent work. This meetup had a lot of potentials and the best part was that anyone could attend online! congratulations!