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Waves World is a diverse blockchain ecosystem built around a major Waves mining pool and our crypto marketplace, which provides official Waves, and many other Blockchain related items. Our services are designed to engage and reward both our direct supporters and the wider crypto sector. We’re veterans of the blockchain space who are passionate about Waves and peer-to-peer technology, and have created Waves World for the grassroots community around the simple values of personal engagement and maximising the economic benefits we know crypto holds for the world.


The WW token is the native currency of Waves World. It functions as the default token of payment for all of our services, and is the means by which we reward supporters of all kinds and build value around our ecosystem. 40 percent of all WW is being distributed to our lessors in a weekly airdrop, up until June 2019. WW Tokens can be used to purchase goods and services in our Marketplace. Grand Opening November 23, 2018,

Name: Waves World

Exchange: Waves DEX

Asset ID: AbunLGErT5ctzVN8MVjb4Ad9YgjpubB8Hqb17VxzfAck


If you own at least one million Waves World tokens, you will automatically receive Waves World airdrops every day (currently 3500 WW) and be eligible for other exclusive rewards. The WW token will be embedded in our site and you will be able to spend your rewards on all kinds of blockchain-related goods and services on the Waves World Marketplace (coming this Fall). Millionaires Club members will always receive priority on these items. For example, MC members will have first refusal on initial production runs and limited-edition items.

We’re working on a series of further benefits aimed at expanding our Millionaires Club and the advantages we offer to them. Of course, holders with less than 1 million WW will also be able to shop at our marketplace and enjoy the increase in value for items you can purchase in our Marketplace. Marketplace Grand Opening is set for Friday, November 23, 2018,
Find out more about the Millionaires Club here.
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waiting for updates, Node from US :us:


Waves World Loyalty Marketplace Opens 23 November 2018 Mining Pool, Millionaires Club

Hi Evgeny,
Waves World is working hard on rebranding, new website, Official Waves Merchandise, and Waves and Bitcoin Starter Kits for the Marketplace.
Airdrop Bots coming September 2018
Much More!!!


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