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When I got paid for my waves leasing.i leased my waves on 26.10.2018


Anybody tell me when I get my leasing paid amount. i lease my wave on waves world node


Payments happen every Monday 5pm Pacific Time.


Thank you for trusting Waves World with your Lease.
WW is a community governed organization.
This topic has been thoroughly discussed by the community.
The present system is what the community has voted on.
T.me/wavesworld is where proposals for change can be submitted while we prepare our official Voting guidelines.


Hi Mike,

You and me creating a factory, you give 51% of the funds and me 49%. The first year is done and it’s time to take benefits. The script (smart contract) give you 1% and for me 99%: you think it’s fair or unfair?

Nothing about this:

An address rents 1000 Waves and receives 1,551,538 WW

An address rents 26 Waves and receives 2,308 WW

My address rents 30 WW and receives only 1 WW …!!!

You think it’s fair? I think it’s totally unfair.


Here’s how the WW airdrop on Monday’s works:
I create the regular waves lease payment file.
I then read that file into the WW airdrop script (on the one for Mondays)
I then look at each WavesPayment in the leasing payment file to see how much each lease received in waves rewards. From there I can calculate the share percentage of what they should receive in WW based on the weekly distrubition of 7692307 WW.
Now at this point I have a proportion of what each lease earned in waves equating to their proportional receipt of the weekly distribution amount.
To back this up, if you look at our personal WW weekly airdrops it’s a decreasing amount as more leaseholders come on board. This is because the more leaseholders that come on board we slightly dilute the payments to other leaseholders. this is how dpos works. The idea is that as more leaseholders come on board the more blocks we score and the payments stay steady. In reality this approach is never mid line, it always ebbs and tides back and forth. Some weeks are killer, some suck. It’s the name of the luck game in crypto.
So ultimately it’s a combination of how many leasors, how many blocks we score, and how much each person has leased. If we have big weeks with a ton of waves rewards and some leasors drop off before that, then we get more WW tokens. If we have a crappy week then I’m sure many folks drop back to the default amount of 1 because their individual share percentage isn’t great enough to warrant a higher number.
In conclusion, this is difficut to convey.
the biggest thing I want to point out is that it’s not directly tied 100% to the amount you lease. It is tied 100% to the amount of waves rewards your lease garners of those rewards which is tied to the total amount of each lease. It’s a proportional and not a static amount. Even though your lease amount may stay static from week to week, your waves rewards vary and then the WW token airdrop on Mondays varies upon that variance. This is the absolutely more fair way of doing it because it excludes, by default, those trying to put a large lease in at the last moment before payday. With this approach, if a person does that, they only receive a small amount of ww tokens because they’d only receive waves rewards for one or two blocks. Proportionally sound, mathematically accurate, and fair across the board. We make a bunch, you make a bunch. We make a little, you make a little. Proportions just like in nature.


i want to lease u guys 1waves how do i do that


It’s proportionnal? Last week:

An address rents 26 Waves and receives 2,308 WW

My address rents 30 WW and receives only 1 WW …!!!

But no response…


Thank you. Just visit wavesworld.io and click start leasing for instructions.
Or join our telegram


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Hello all! Waves World Loyalty Rewards Marketplace will launch 23 November 2018.
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Before we launch, we would love to hit 1 million leased Waves.
We are currently at 971k Waves Leased.
Thank you all for the support!!


We are going to adjust the payout method so the low end of leases receive more ww. It will take a bit of time to write the new script.


Lease payments happen each Monday around 5PM EST


We are working on a few adjustments to ensure all leases are satisfied with payments. It is only 3% who are affected, but we want all to be happy.


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hi guys…
new from here


Welcome…visit us on telegram


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